Community  Family Helpers Initiative  [CFHI] is a registered charity organization in Nigeria that is focused on helping the less
privileged in communities and families over threatening life’s challenges capable affecting their peaceful co-existence and well being.

Our members comprise compassionate Nigerians with a high standard of integrity who believe in, “What they can do for the 
  country more than what the country can do for them”.As an NGO, a part  of the proceed of this event will be used in
supporting our activities in communities and families. With the current global economic down turn, funding NGO’s activities is at     
a  low ebb. The need for creative ways to raise funds to support  its activities cannot be overemphasized. Hence our intention to   
leverage the event to raise funds for the activities  of our NGO. In this, we also draw a strong paradigm with the telecom sector as
several of its services are community and family focused.

To partner with Government at various levels to promote true peace in the nation at large, building upon justice, equity, freedom, peace and progress.

To enlighten and sensitize the people (youth) of the importance or need for Education and the future impacts (Effect) on the nation building.

To protect and promote the fundamental Human Right of the people as ensure in the 1999 constitution of Nigeria District 26, United Nation.

To initiate socio-economic programmes and projects either independently or in conjunction with reputable individuals, multinational or corporate organization or the Government.

To partner with government at various levels, and development agencies in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the region and Nigeria in general.

To alleviate the youth of the region from poverty, unemployment and wants and accordingly reposition them in the lime with the economic opportunity that avail in the country and to assuage the impact of environment degradation & degeneration of the region as occasioned by industrial activities.

To empower the youth of the region within and outside the country with skill to develop their capacities for sustainable livelihood as a measure towards mitigating the incidence of restiveness.
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